A Sustainability Mantra 


We take our promise to the environment seriously, so we drafted up a Sustainability Commitment to make it official, and even had everyone at our National Sales Meeting sign it.  The text:

The people of Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company share a values-driven vision:

That our uncompromising commitment to our natural tobacco products, the earth from which they come, the communities on which we depend, and the people who bring our spirit to life, is essential to our success.

In support of our vision, we work to minimize the environmental impacts of our activities by:

•         collaborating with growers to develop innovative agricultural practices that give farmers the ability to grow the purest tobacco for our products, while acting as good stewards of their lands;

•         using energy responsibly by implementing energy-efficient upgrades and other conservation programs;

•         reducing our environmental footprint by purchasing renewable energy and utilizing hybrid vehicles for our sales force;

•         preserving our natural resources by using sustainably produced materials in our products and packaging;

•         reducing waste by producing packaging and advertising materials that incorporate recycled and recyclable content;

•         supporting organizations and projects within our communities to address and improve environmental issues; and

•         encouraging those with whom we have relationships to be more mindful of, and dedicated to, their role in building a viable future for our planet.

As individuals and as a company, we are committed to living our values-driven vision and achieving long-term sustainability.  Through our actions, we will help secure a prosperous future for our planet, its people and our business.