Hybrids Lend a Helping Hand 

SFNTC is working hard to put the brakes on auto emissions.

One of SFNTC’s goals is to reduce our carbon footprint. To help accomplish that, we are switching our entire sales team to energy-efficient hybrid vehicles that run on both gasoline and battery-powered electricity. 

The result: significant reductions in carbon dioxide and other pollution produced by conventional automobiles, reducing fuel consumption in 2011 alone by 630 bbls (about 26,000 gallons) of oil. 

By early 2012, SFNTC had replaced 82% of our national sales fleet with hybrid vehicles. 83% of the miles driven by our trade marketing force were driven in hybrid vehicles. Our hybrid vehicles get 5.5 mpg more than the non-hybrid version of the same vehicle. 

In 2011, our hybrids saved 26,495 gallons of gasoline. Our remaining gas-powered vehicles are being replaced with hybrids as they age out.